A room is the physical space where we spend most of our time

A house is the architecture of a building. It is a complex system of interconnecting rooms, halls, stairs and so on. A carpet is a soft material that covers the floor surface to provide comfort and comfortability. A wallpaper or painting are also wallpapers and paintings in interior design. A carpet can be used as door mat or underlay for hardwood floors, or it can be decorative for parquet floors. Some designs use carpet to cover tables as well as chairs; sometimes people sit on this carpeted surface to eat food from their table while sitting in chairs at another point of the table (figure 1). The biggest variety of colours are usually used with this kind of design: many different shades of browns and off.

A room is a space of a house, apartment or office. It is where the furniture, decorations and other personal items are.

The room can also be a metaphor for our feelings about our families and friends. The room can be a place for family reunions, romantic meetings, nostalgic trips or just relaxing and spending time with loved ones.

This article shows how the room in a house will change over time, and how you can use the data provided by sensors in the house to improve your room.

This article shows how to start building a home automation system using an Arduino Uno with high-resolution three-axis gyroscope, low-current step-by-step motion detection, and infrared motion detection.