A room is a large area in a house or building where people are supposed to spend time

Room is the central part of the house, which people usually spend most of their time in. It can be a dining room, sitting room, nursery. In our daily life, we can find many rooms used for different purposes and depending on our lifestyle and needs. Most importantly, a room offers privacy to its inhabitants in case of burglary or fire. The rooms have also different features like lightings and doors to protect them from intruders.

Depending on the need one can find many types of rooms ranging from cosy home-like design to modern office design with fancy aesthetics and comfort features like air conditioning and heating system that increase comfort level during winter season or harsh summer heatwave.

The application of a room as an environment is something that has been used since long ago. In the modern era, we can see that the whole idea of rooms have changed and now people prefer living in hotel rooms instead of houses.

Room is a virtual location which is assigned to specific clients or groups and it gets populated by additional content created by the company’s employees, based on the business need.

The world has been evolving towards more functional design and that’s also the case for our rooms. As a result, we have started using different kinds of wallpaper, curtains, flooring and furniture in our homes and offices.

The room is the central part of any home. It is the centre of all activity in a house. It is where you spend your time and where you entertain family and friends.

The design of the modern home is varied and changes over time owing to social, demographic, economic, cultural and aesthetic changes. To keep up with this ever changing scenery, architects have to try to keep up with it too. The room can be defined as an interrelated structure that provides privacy, light and air circulation while accommodating furniture that are normally found in other parts of the house like living or dining rooms.

This article introduces some basic elements of a room such as its architecture, seating arrangements, colour schemes etc., so that you get a clear idea about what’s expected from the room when designing it for your own home.